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Distillates (petroleum), heavy thermal cracked

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Major Category

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Heavy coker gas oil; Heavy coker gas oil (petroleum); Heavy cracked distillate (petroleum); Visbreaker gas oil; Distillates, petroleum, heavy thermal cracked; Distillates, (petroleum), heavy thermal cracked; [ChemIDplus] Coker gas oil; Coker-Gasol; Distillat VB; Distillat visbreak; Gofiner feed; HAGO; HSC-HGO; THERMAL CRACKED DISTILLATE; Visbreaker HAGO; Visbreakervakuumgasol; [IUCLID]


Petroleum Distillates, Other


Dark brown liquid with an odor of asphalt or rotten eggs; [Total Petrochemicals MSDS]


Used in the fuel and petroleum refining industries; Used as a fuel, intermediate, and feedstock for hydrocracking; [IUCLID]


TSCA Definition 2008: Petroleum distillates from a thermal cracking process consisting of unsaturated hydrocarbons with carbon numbers of C15 through C36 and a boiling point range of 260 deg C to 480 deg C; Likely to contain 5% or more of 4- to 6-ring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; [ChemIDplus] May contain hydrogen sulfide in vapor space of storage container or vessel (heating increases this risk); May cause irritation; Harmful by ingestion (may cause lung damage by aspiration); [Total Petrochemicals MSDS] See "Hydrogen sulfide." See "POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS."

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