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Extracts (petroleum), light naphthenic distillate solvent

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Light naphthenic distillate, solvent extract; Extracts, petroleum, light naphthenic distillate solvent; Mineral oil, petroleum extracts, light naphthenic distillate solvent; Extracts, (petroleum), light naphthenic distillate solvent; [ChemIDplus]


Petroleum Oils


Dark viscous liquid with a strong odor of hydrocarbons; [Shell Oil MSDS]


TSCA Definition 2008: Obtained by a solvent extraction process and consisting of predominantly aromatic hydrocarbons with carbon numbers of C15 through C30; Likely to contain 5% or more of 4- to 6-ring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. [ChemIDplus] Similar compounds in 13-week studies of rats (dermal or oral exposures) show effects on adrenals, bone marrow, kidney, liver (including centrilobular necrosis), thymus, and male reproductive organs; [EPA ChAMP] A mild skin irritant; Slightly toxic by skin absorption and ingestion; [Shell Oil MSDS]

Adverse Effects

Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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