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Residual oils (petroleum), solvent deasphalted

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Residual oil; Residual oils, petroleum, solvent deasphalted; Residual oils, (petroleum), solvent deasphalted; [ChemIDplus] Base oil; Base oil, bright stock; Base oil, lubricant base stock; BSD (bright stock distillate); DAO; DAO (Deasphalted oil); DAO, deasphalted oil; Deasphalted oil; HDA; Lubricating oil; Mineral oil; PDU deasphalted oil; [IUCLID] DMO Demetalized Oil; [Total Petrochemicals MSDS]


Petroleum Oils


Yellowish-green to dark brown solid or viscous liquid with an odor like asphalt; [Total Petrochemicals MSDS]


Used for lubricant production, petroleum refining, as heat transfer agent, in hydraulic fluids and additives, and as an intermediate; [IUCLID]


TSCA Definition 2008: Obtained as the solvent soluble fraction from C3 - C4 solvent deasphalting of a residuum and consisting of hydrocarbons with carbon numbers higher than C25 and boiling point above 400 deg C; [ChemIDplus] May contain hydrogen sulfide in vapor space of storage container or vessel (heating increases this risk); Contains PAHs; May cause irritation; Harmful by ingestion (may cause lung damage by aspiration); May cause injury to skin, eyes, and nervous and digestive systems; [Total Petrochemicals MSDS]

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