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Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts

CAS Number


Major Category

Other Classes


Calcium petroleum sulfonate; Calcium petroleum sulfonates; Sulfonic acid, petroleum, calcium salt; Petroleum sulfonic acids, calcium salts; [ChemIDplus] (Neutral) Calcium Sulfonate; Additin RC 4220; Calcium long chain alkaryl sulphonate; OLOA 4246A; XDE25/A; [IUCLID]


Petroleum Oils


Dark viscous liquid with an odor of petroleum; [Redox Chemicals MSDS]


Used in the lubricant and fuel industries; [IUCLID] Petroleum additive alkaryl sulfonates: Produced in highly refined lubricating base oil and are never isolated; Used as additives in petroleum base stocks (sold to oil blenders where they are further processed to finished oil blends); [EPA ChAMP] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used in corrosion inhibiting fluids; [Redox Chemicals MSDS]


Manufactured solely in the presence of lubricating type oils, and has not been isolated for measurement of physical properties; Equivocal results in human skin sensitization patch test studies; No adverse health effects known to be caused by this type of material, which has been in use for over fifty years with high occupational exposure in laboratory and manufacturing personnel; [IUCLID] Petroleum additive alkaryl sulfonates: Members of the group and supporting compounds demonstrated low acute oral toxicity in animal studies; [EPA ChAMP] May cause mild skin and severe eye irritation; High vapor concentrations may cause respiratory tract irritation and headache; [Redox Chemicals MSDS]

Exposure Assessment

5 mg/m3, respirable fraction

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