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Mineral Dusts


Aluminum ores, bauxite; Florite; Porocel; Porocel O; Porocel SRC; Portalum A 25; [ChemIDplus] FM INTERPROP PROPPANT; [Halliburton MSDS]


Other Mineral Dusts


Dark brown odorless solid; [Halliburton MSDS]


Used in hydraulic fracturing; [Halliburton MSDS] Bauxite is the principal source of aluminum; it is mined in Australia, South America, and the West Indies. Bauxite is refined by the Bayer process to produce alumina (aluminum oxide). Alumina is then reduced to aluminum by the Hall-Heroult process. [Rosenstock, p. 943] The aluminum industry in Australia includes mining of bauxite and refining it to produce alumina (Al2O3). "In the open cut bauxite mines, bauxite dust exposure occurs with breaking or blasting of the crust, excavation, and loading of the bauxite ore onto trucks for transport to a crusher." [Reference #1]


"Our study did not find any evidence of clinically important adverse respiratory effects from exposure to respirable bauxite dust at levels existing in these mines and refineries." [Reference #1] Contains 10-30% amorphous fused silica; May cause irritation; Prolonged or repeated inhalation exposure may cause lung injury; [Halliburton MSDS] See "Aluminum."

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Longitudinal analysis of respiratory outcomes among bauxite exposed workers in western Australia.

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