Agent Name

Camphor oil

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Major Category

Biological Agents


Camphor Oil White; Camphor Oil Yellow; Camphor oil, Japanese; Camphor oil, brown (Cinnamomum camphora L.); Camphor oil, Japanese, white, (Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Nees et Eberm.); Camphor oil, rectified; Camphor oil, yellow (Cinnamomum camphora L.); Cinnamomum camphora oil; Formosa camphor oil; Formose oil of camphor; Japanese camphor oil; Japanese, oil of camphor; Light camphor oil; Light oil of camphor; Liquid camphor; Oil camphor sassafrassy; Oil of Camphor White; Oil of camphor rectified; Oils, camphor; White camphor oil; White oil of camphor; Camphor oil [light]; Oil of camphor; [ChemIDplus] Japanese oil of camphor; [Merck Index] Liquid gum camphor; Liquid impure camphor; [CAMEO] UN1130


Plant Oils and Extracts


Colorless or yellowish liquid; [Merck Index] Clear colorless liquid with a herbal minty odor; [Good Scents MSDS]


Used as a solvent (paints and lacquers), perfume (soaps and detergents), and rubefacient; [Merck Index] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Active product registrations in the US for use in special garbage bags designed to repel rats and raccoons; [NPIRS] Used as coloring agent, flavor enhancer, and flavoring agent or adjuvant; [FDA]


A mild skin irritant; Human ingestion of 29 mg/kg causes tremor, convulsions, and lung changes; [RTECS] An irritant; May cause skin sensitization; Harmful by skin absorption; [Good Scents MSDS] See "L-Camphor" and "Camphor, synthetic."

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