Agent Name

Chlorotrifluoroethylene polymer

CAS Number




Major Category

Plastics & Rubber


Chlorotrifluoroethene, homopolymer; Ethene, chlorotrifluoro-, homopolymer; 11 F; 12 F; 12FD; 13FM; 3.1 Oil; 4LF; Aclar 22A; Aclar 33C; Chlorotrifluoroethene homopolymer; Chlorotrifluoroethylene homopolymer; Chlorotrifluoroethylene polymers; Daifloil 10; Daifloil 100; Daifloil 20; Daifloil 3; Daifloil 50; Daiflon D 45S; Daiflon M 300; Daiflon M 300P; Daiflon CTFE-D55P; Daiflon CTFE; Ekafluvin; F 3 (Vinyl polymer); F 3M; FL-G 100; FL-G 330; FL-G 35; FL-G 5; Fluorolon 3; Fluorolube 2000; Fluorolube 300/140; Fluorolube FS 5; Fluorolube GR 470; Fluorolube S 30; Fluoroplast 3; Fluoroplast 3P; Fluoroplast F 3; Fluorothene; Ftorlon 3; Ftorlon 3M; Ftorlon F3; Ftoroplast 3; Ftoroplast 3P; Halar 200; Halocarbon 3.1 oil; Halocarbon Oil 11-14; Halocarbon Oil 11-21; Halocarbon Oil 13-21; Halon; Halon (polymer); Hostaflon; Hostaflon C; Kel-F 200; Kel-F 3; Kel-F 6061; Kel-F 81; Kel-F 90; Kel-F 95/5; Kel-S; MLO 81-125; MLO 83-322; MLO 87-347; Mil-H-531119; Neosorb ND; Plaskon CTFE; Poly(chlorotrifluoroethene); Poly(monochlorotrifluoroethylene); Poly(trifluorochloroethylene); Poly(trifluoroethylene chloride); Poly(trifluoromonochloroethylene); Poly(trifluorovinyl chloride); Polychlorotrifluoroethylene; TL 340; Teflex; Trifluorochloroethylene polymer; Voltalef; Voltalef 10; Voltalef 202; Voltalef 300LD; Voltalef 300UF; Voltalef IS; Ethene, 1-chloro-1,2,2-trifluoro-, homopolymer; Ethylene, chlorotrifluoro-, polymers (8CI); Halocarbon oil, series 27-S; Kel-F; Safetol 3.1 oil; [ChemIDplus] Halocarbon 27-S; HC 27-S; [ToxPlanet: DOD] Low Temperature Bath Fluid, 0.8 CS Oil; [Halocarbon MSDS]




Colorless liquid with a mild ethereal odor; [Halocarbon MSDS]


Used as a lubricating oil for hyperbaric chamber pumps and O-rings; [ToxPlanet: DOD]


The liver was shown to be the likely target organ for toxicity in repeated-dose oral studies of rats; The parent monomer, chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE), causes renal injury in rats; [ToxPlanet: DOD] No effects of irritation known; [Halocarbon MSDS] See "Trifluorochloroethylene."

Exposure Assessment
Lethal Concentration

LCLo (rat) = 4,700 mg/m3/4hr

Adverse Effects

Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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