Agent Name

Coumarone-indene resins

CAS Number




Major Category

Plastics & Rubber


15E (oil); 410HL; B 1-75TN; Britrez PA 95; C 90 (coumarone resin); Coumarone - indene Oil 15E; Coumarone 25BL; Coumarone AH; Coumarone G 90; Coumarone RG; Coumarone Resin 120; Coumarone Resin 95; Coumarone VM; Coumarone, indene resin; Coumarone, indene resins; Cumar; Cumar LX 509; Cumar P 10; Cumar R 1; Cumar R 16; Cumar R 19; Cumar R 29; Cumar R 9; Cumar S; Cumar W 2.5; Cumrone BM; Cumrone VM 1/2; Dipol L; Escuron; Escuron G 90; Escuron G 90E; Escuron HP 12; Escuron L 20; Escuron N 100; Escuron N 100E; Escuron N 100S; Escuron T 120; Escuron V 120E; Escuron V 120S; Esrigitto A 150; G 75 (resin); G 80 (tackifier); G 90; IKSB 1; L 10 (coumarone resin); LKS 1M; LS 1035; LX 509; Coumarone - indene resin; Coumarone-indene resin (class); [ChemIDplus] Novares C 100; [Rutgers MSDS]




Light yellow solid; [Rutgers MSDS]


Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used as a processing aid and surface finishing agent for foods; [FDA] Used as a raw material for adhesives, sealants, coatings, printing inks, and rubber goods; [Rutgers MSDS]


"TSCA Definition 2008: Thermoplastic resins of relatively low molecular weight produced by the catalytic and thermal polymerization of coumarone and indene. The coumarone content present in these resins is often less than 10%. Other resin formers present may include styrene, vinyltoluenes, methylindenes, methylcoumarones, cyclopentadiene, dicyclopentadiene and their methyl homologs." [ChemIDplus] Not a skin or eye irritant; [Rutgers MSDS] See "Benzofuran" and "Indene."

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