Agent Name

Eriochrome Red B

CAS Number




Major Category



Acid Chrome Bordeaux 2A; Acid Chrome Bordeaux B; Acid Chrome Red; Airedale Red BC; Alizarine Brilliant Red 3R; Anthranol Chrome Red ECB; Atlantichrome Fast Red B; Azochromol Red G; C.I. 18760; C.I. Mordant Red 7; Calcochrome Fast Red ECB; Chromaven Fast Red B; Chrome Bordeaux R; Chrome Fast Red 2B; Chrome Fast Red B; Chrome Red; Chrome Red B; Chrome Red ECB; Chrome Red MB; Diacromo Red B; Diacromo Red MB; Diamond Red ECB; Durochrome Red B; Fenakrom Red B; Hispacrom Red 2B; Java Chrome Red B; Java Unichrome Red B; Magracrom Bordeaux 2A; Mitsui Chrome Red B; Monochrome Red BS; Omega Chrome Red B; Orthochrome Bordeaux B; Pontachrome Fast Red E; Salicine Chrome Bordeaux R; Solochrome Leather Red ER; Solochrome Red ER; Sunchromine Red B; Superchrome Red ECB; Symulon Chrome Red B; Tertrochrome Red 2B; Yodochrome Red BB; 1-Naphthalenesulfonic acid, 4-((4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)azo)-3-hydroxy-, monosodium salt; 1-Naphthalenesulfonic acid, 4-(2-(4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)diazenyl)-3-hydroxy-, sodium salt (1:1); C.I. Mordant Red 7, monosodium salt (8CI); Sodium 4-((4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)azo)-3-hydroxynaphthalene-1-sulphonate; [ChemIDplus]


Azo Dyes


Powder; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]


A skin and strong eye irritant; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]

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