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Sodium methylate

Alternative Name

Sodium methoxide

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Sodium methoxide; Feldalat NM; Methanol, sodium salt; Methoxysodium; Methylate de sodium [French]; Metilato sodico [Spanish]; Sodium methanolate; Sodium methylate solutions in alcohol; [ChemIDplus] UN1431; UN1289 (solution in alcohol)


Metal Alkoxides


White hygroscopic solid; [ICSC] White to yellowish solid; Commercial products are powders or solutions in methanol; [Reference #2] White powder; [Aldrich MSDS]


Used in organic synthesis, as alkaline catalyst (making biodiesel grade methyl esters and for treatment of edible fats and oils), in condensation reactions, as analytical reagent, and as intermediate for pharmaceuticals; [HSDB]


Highly toxic; [Quick CPC] Corrosive to skin; High inhalation exposure of dust may cause pulmonary edema; [ICSC] A strong base that reacts with water to form sodium hydroxide and methyl alcohol, a reaction that may generate enough heat to ignite combustible materials; [CAMEO] Rapidly and exothermically reacts with tissue water forming sodium hydroxide (responsible for corrosivity) and methanol; Oral LD50s (rat) range from 800-1,687 mg/kg with water or water soluble solvents as the vehicle, and is 2,037 mg/kg using corn oil; No toxicity observed in 8-hr inhalation study of rats in a dust enriched atmosphere; Not likely to cause skin sensitization or be carcinogenic; [Reference #2] See "Methyl alcohol." See "Sodium hydroxide.";

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ICSC: Sodium methylate

Exposure Assessment
Explanatory Notes

Melting point (decomposes) = 127 degrees C; [ICSC] The Guide in the Emergency Response Guidebook is for "Sodium methylate, dry."

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OECD SIDS: Methanolates - 2006

Adverse Effects
Toxic Pneumonitis



Skin Burns

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