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Metanil yellow

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11363 Yellow; 4-(3-Sulfobenzeneazo)diphenylamine, sodium salt; 4-m-Sulfophenylazo-diphenylamine, monosodium salt; Acid Golden G; Acid Golden Yellow G; Acid Leather Yellow PRW; Acid Leather Yellow R; Acid Metanil Yellow; Acid Yellow 36; Acidic Metanil Yellow; Aizen Metanil Yellow; Amacid Yellow M; Basacid Yellow 230; Basacid Yellow 232; Benzenesulfonic acid, m-((p-anilinophenyl)azo)-, sodium salt; Brasilan Metanil Yellow; Bucacid Metanil Yellow; C.I. 13065; C.I. Acid Yellow 36; C.I. Acid Yellow 36 monosodium salt; C.I. Acid Yellow 36, monosodium salt; CI 13065; Calcocid Yellow MXXX; Diacid Metanil Yellow; Eniacid Metanil Yellow GN; Ext D and C Yellow No. 1; Ext D&C Yellow 1; Fenazo Yellow M; Hidacid Metanil Yellow; Hispacid Yellow MG; Japan Yellow 406; Java Metanil Yellow G; Kiton Orange MNO; Kiton Yellow MS; Metanil Yellow 1955; Metanil Yellow C; Metanil Yellow E; Metanil Yellow Extra; Metanil Yellow F; Metanil Yellow G; Metanil Yellow Griesbach; Metanil Yellow Griesbach (Biological stain); Metanil Yellow K; Metanil Yellow KRSU; Metanil Yellow M; Metanil Yellow M 3X; Metanil Yellow O; Metanil Yellow PL; Metanil Yellow S; Metanil Yellow Supra P; Metanil Yellow VS; Metanil Yellow WS; Metanil Yellow Y; Metanil Yellow YK; Metanile Yellow O; Mitsui Metanil Yellow; Monoazo; Remaderm Yellow HPR; Shikiso Metanil Yellow; Sodium 4'-anilinoazobenzene-3-sulfonate; Sodium m-(4-anilinophenylazo)benzenesulfonate; Sodium m-sulfonate-p-phenylazodiphenylamine; Symulon Metanil Yellow; Takaoka Metanil Yellow; Tertracid Yellow M; Vondacid Metanil Yellow G; Yodochrome Metanil Yellow; Zlut kysela 36 [Czech]; Zlut metanilova [Czech]; Benzenesulfonic acid, 3-((4-(phenylamino)phenyl)azo)-, monosodium salt; Benzenesulfonic acid, 3-(2-(4-(phenylamino)phenyl)diazenyl)-, sodium salt (1:1); Sodium 3-(p-anilinophenylazo)benzenesulphonate; [ChemIDplus]


Azo Dyes


Brownish-yellow solid; [Merck Index] Powder; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]


Used as an indicator; [Merck Index] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used in leather dyeing; [PMID 21938525]


Causes normocytic anemia in 26-week constant oral studies of mice; Causes degenerative changes to brain, liver changes, and effects on other transferases in repeated-dose oral studies of rats; [RTECS] A skin sensitizer; [PMID 21938525] May cause irritation and skin sensitization; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]

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A case of allergic contact dermatitis due to metanil yellow.

Adverse Effects
Skin Sensitizer


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