Agent Name

Pentaerythritol rosinate

CAS Number


Major Category

Biological Agents


Pentaerythrityl rosinate; Pentaerythritol ester of rosin; Rosin, pentaerythritol ester; Rosin, pentaerythritol polymer; Rosin, pentaerythritol resin; Resin acids and Rosin acids, esters with pentaerythritol; [ChemIDplus] Pentaerythritol ester of tall oil rosin; Resin acids and rosin acids, talloil, esters with pentaerythritol; [IUCLID] Permalyn 5110 Synthetic Resin; [Eastman Chemical MSDS]


Rosin and Derivatives


Amber pellets with a mild odor; [Eastman Chemical MSDS]


Used in adhesives; [EPA ChAMP: Initial Risk-Based Prioritization] Used in the paper-pulp-board industry, to formulate adhesives, and as an adhesive/binding agent; [IUCLID] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]


Rosin esters at high oral doses demonstrate reduced growth and liver effects in rats; Results of high-dose animal studies include poor reproductive performance, decreased testes, and slight decrease in the mean number of implantation sites per pregnancy; No evidence of teratogenicity or carcinogenicity; [EPA ChAMP: Hazard Characterization] Causes effects on food intake and changes in liver weight in 90-day oral studies of rats; [RTECS]See "Colophony." See "Pentaerythritol."

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