Agent Name

Butyl dichlorophenoxyacetate

Alternative Name

2,4-D n-butyl ester

CAS Number




Major Category



2,4-Dichlorophenoxy)acetic acid, butyl ester; 2,4-D butyl ester; 2,4-D esters; 2,4-D n-butyl ester; 2,4-DBE; 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid n-butyl ester; Abco W.K-67 2,4-D Weed Killer; Acetic acid, (2,4-dichlorophenoxy)-, butyl ester; Amoco 2,4-D Weed Killer No. 6B; Associated Sales 4-Pound 2,4-D Ester Weed Killer; Barber's 2,4-D Ester Weed Killer; Barco Weed Killer (ester Formulation); Butapon; Butyl (2,4-dichlorophenoxy)acetate; Butyl 2,4-D; Butyl 400; Butyl dichlorophenoxyacetate; Butyl ester 2,4-D; Butyl ester of 2,4-D; Chipman 2,4-D Butyl Ester 334E; Chipman 2,4-D Butyl Ester 4E; Chipman 2,4-D Butyl Ester 6E; Component Orange; Crop Rider 2.67D; Crop Rider 6D Weed Killer; Crop Rider 6D-OS Weed Killer; De-Pester Ded-Weed ME-4; De-Pester Ded-Weed ME-5; De-Pester Ded-Weed ME-6; De-Pester Ded-Weed ME-9; Diamond Shamrock Butyl 4D; Diamond Shamrock Butyl 6D Weed Killer; Esso herbicide 10; Esteron 99 Concentrate; FS Ester 400 Weed Killer; Felco Butyl Ester 600 2,4-D Weed Killer; Felco HV2 Weed Killer; Felco HV4 Weed Killer; Fence Rider 4T Brush Killer; Fence Rider 6T Brush Killer; Fernesta; Floratox 428 4-Pound 2,4-D Ester Weed Killer; General Chemical 2,4-D 3.34 Butyl Ester Weed Killer; General Chemical 2,4-D 4-Butyl Ester Weed Killer; General Chemical 2,4-D 6.00 Butyl Ester Weed Killer; General Chemical 2,4-D Butyl Ester Weed Killer; Green Cross Weed-No-More; Hi-Ester 2,4-D; Line Rider 4T; Lironox; Lironox 326; MFA 40% Butyl Ester Weed Killer; MFA No. 4 Weed Killer; MFA No. 6 Weed Killer; Miller's 4# Ester; Miller's 6# Ester; Monsanto 2,4-D Butyl Ester; Monsanto 2,4-D Butyl Ester Concentrate; Olin Butyl Ester D267 Weed Killer; Olin Butyl Ester D4 Weed Killer; Olin Butyl Ester D6 Weed Killer; Orange II Component; Parsons 2,4-D Weed Killer Butyl Ester; Patterson's Hi-Test Butyl Ester 2,4-D Weed Killer; Purple Component; Rhodia 2,4-D Butyl Ester 6L; Shell 40; Sure Death 40% Butyl Ester Type Weedkiller; Sure Death No. 4 Butyl Ester Weed Killer; Sure Death No. 6 Butyl Ester Weed Killer; T-H Ded-Weed ME-6; T-H Ded-Weed ME-9; Techne 40% Butyl Ester Type Weed Killer; Techne Butyl Ester Weed Killer No. 4; Techne Butyl Ester Weed Killer No. 6; The Crop Rider; Unico 2,4-D Ester Weed Killer; Weed-Rhap B-2.67D; Weed-Rhap B-4D; Weed-Rhap B-6D; Weedone Aero Concentrate; Weedone Aero-Concentrate 96; Weedone Aero-Concentrate E; n-Butylester kyseliny 2,4-dichlorfenoxyoctove [Czech]; [ChemIDplus]


Herbicides, Chlorophenoxy


Colorless to light brown liquid; [CAMEO]


Formerly used as a herbicide; [HSDB]


See "2,4-D";


No longer registered in the USA; [HSDB]

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

6.16E-5 mm Hg

Adverse Effects

Hepatotoxin, Secondary

IARC Carcinogen

Possible Carcinogen

ACGIH Carcinogen

Not Classifiable

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