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Major Category

Nitrogen Compounds


2-Nitro-4-methoxyaniline; 2-Nitro-p-anisidine; 3-Nitro-4-aminoanisole; 4-Amino-3-nitroanisole; 4-Methoxy-2-nitroanilin [Czech]; Acco Fast Bordeaux GP salt; Amarthol Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Amarthol Fast Bordeaux GP Salt; Aniline, 4-methoxy-2-nitro-; Atul Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Azobase NAS; Azoene Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Azoene Fast Bordeaux GP Salt; Azofix Bordeaux GP; Azogene Fast Bordeaux G; Bordeaux Base Ciba IV; Bordeaux Base Irga IV; Bordeaux Base NGP; Bordeaux GP Base; Bordeaux GP Salt; Bordeaux GPS Salt; Bordeaux Salt Ciba IV; Bordeaux Salt NGP; Brentamine Fast Bordeaux GP Base; C.I. 37135; C.I. Azoic Diazo Component 1; Daito Bordeaux Base GP; Daito Bordeaux Salt GP; Devol Bordeaux B; Devol Bordeaux GP Salt; Diabase Bordeaux GP; Diasalt Bordeaux GP; Diazo Fast Bordeaux GP; Durgasol Bordeaux GP Salt; Fast Bordeaux 3NA Base; Fast Bordeaux Base GP; Fast Bordeaux Base J; Fast Bordeaux GDN; Fast Bordeaux GDN base; Fast Bordeaux GP; Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Fast Bordeaux GP Salt; Fast Bordeaux GP-T Base; Fast Bordeaux GPN Base; Fast Bordeaux Salt GP; Fast Bordeaux Salt GPN; Fast Bordeaux Salt J; GP-Amin [Czech]; Hansol Bordeaux GP Salt; Hansol Bordeaux Salt GP Salt; Hiltonil Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Hiltosal Fast Bordeaux GP Salt; Hindasol Bordeaux GP Salt; Kako Bordeaux GP Base; Kako Bordeaux GP Salt; Kayaku Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Kayaku Fast Bordeaux Salt GP; Lake Maroon B base; Mitsui Bordeaux GP Base; Mitsui Bordeaux GP Salt; Naphthanil Bordeaux GP Base; Naphthanil Diazo Bordeaux GP; Naphthosol Fast Bordeaux GP Salt; Naphtoelan Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Naphtoelan Fast Bordeaux GP Salt; Natasol Bordeaux GP Salt; Pharmasol Bordeaux GP; Pharmazoid Bordeaux GP; Sanyo Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Sanyo Fast Bordeaux Salt GP; Shinnippon Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Sugai Fast Bordeaux GP Base; Symulon Bordeaux GP Base; Tulabase Fast Bordeaux GP; Benzenamine, 4-methoxy-2-nitro-; p-Anisidine, 2-nitro- (8CI); [ChemIDplus] UN2811


Other Aromatics (Nitrogen)


Orange powder; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]


Used to make fine chemicals and in scientific research and development; [ExPub: ECHA REACH Registrations]


An irritant; May induce methemoglobinemia; Highly toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorption; May have cumulative adverse effects; [Alfa Aesar MSDS] See "2-Methoxy-4-nitroaniline."

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

0.000319 mm Hg

Explanatory Notes

The Guide in the Emergency Response Guidebook is for "Toxic solid, organic, n.o.s."

Adverse Effects

Methemoglobinemia, Secondary

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