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Make beryllium-containing products


Beryllium, chronic toxic effect; Beryllium alloys are used in nuclear absorbents, aircraft engines, guidance systems and brakes, x-ray tube windows, turbine reactor blades, dental castings and prostheses, and tools and dies. The prevalence of sensitization including chronic beryllium disease (CBD) from previous studies: nuclear weapons plant (2%), beryllium ceramics (2%, 6%, and 10%), beryllium mining and extraction (4%), copper-beryllium alloy processing (7%), and copper-beryllium alloy distribution centers (1%). [Hyperlink] At highest risk for CBD are workers who "directly alter Be part outside of glovebox, causing surface disruption or dust generation" or "directly contact Be waste materials (dust, chip, filings, and particles)." At medium risk are workers who "work in the same room as Be operation or work with Be in glovebox (no direct contact)" or "work in same building as beryllium operation (no direct beryllium contact)." [PMID 25099412]

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Sensitization and chronic beryllium disease among ...[J Occup Environ Med. 2006] - PubMed Result

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