Agent Name

Rhodamine B

Alternative Name

C.I. Food Red 15

CAS Number




Major Category



(9-(o-Carboxyphenyl)-6-(diethylamino)-3H-xanthen-3-ylidene); diethylammonium chloride; 11411 Red; 9-O-Carboxyphenyl-6-diethylamino-3-ethylimino-3-isoxanthene, 3-ethochloride; ADC Rhodamine B; Acid Brilliant Pink B; Aizen Rhodamine BH; Aizen Rhodamine BHC; Akiriku Rhodamine B; Basazol Red 71P; Basic Rose Extract; Basic Rose Red; Basic Violet 10; Basonyl Red 540; Basonyl Red 545; Basonyl Red 545FL; Brilliant Pink B; C.I. 45170; C.I. Basic Violet 10; C.I. Food Red 15; C.I. No. 45170; CI 45170; CI Basic Violet 10; CI Food Red 15; Calcozine Red BX; Calcozine Rhodamine BXP; Cerise Toner X 1127; Cerise Toner X1127; Certiqual Rhodamine; Cogilor Red 321.10; Cosmetic Brilliant Pink Bluish D Conc; D & C Red No.19; D and C Red No. 19; D&C Red 19; D&C red no.19; Diabasic Rhodamine B; Edicol Suppa Rose BS; Edicol Supra Rose B; Edicol Supra Rose BS; Elcozine Rhodamine B; Eriosin Rhodamine B; Ethanaminium, N-(9-(2-carboxyphenyl)-6-(diethylamino)-3H-xanthen-3-ylidene)-N-ethyl-,chloride; FD and C Red No. 19; FD&C Red No. 19; Food Red 15; Geranium Lake N; Hexacol Rhodamine B Extra; Ikada Rhodamine B; Iragen Red L-U; Mitsui Rhodamine BX; Red No. 213; Rheonine B; Rhodamine; Rhodamine B; Rhodamine B 20-7470; Rhodamine B Extra; Rhodamine B Extra M 310; Rhodamine B Extra S; Rhodamine B chloride; Rhodamine B500; Rhodamine B500 hydrochloride; Rhodamine BA; Rhodamine BA Export; Rhodamine BF; Rhodamine BL; Rhodamine BN; Rhodamine BS; Rhodamine BX; Rhodamine BXL; Rhodamine BXP; Rhodamine FB; Rhodamine FB CL; Rhodamine Lake Red B; Rhodamine O; Rhodamine S; Rhodamine S [Russian]; Rhodamine, Blue Shade; Rhodamine, tetraethyl-; Sicilian Cerise Toner A-7127; Symulex Magenta F; Symulex Pink F; Symulex Rhodamine B Toner F; Takaoka Rhodamine B; Tetraethyldiamino-o-carboxyphenyl xanthenyl chloride; Tetraethylrhodamine; Violet zasadita 10 [Czech]; [ChemIDplus]


Rhodamine Dyes


Green crystals or red-violet powder soluble in water; Dilute solutions are fluorescent. [CAMEO]


Used as a paper dye, a metal chelating agent, and an additive to drugs and cosmetics; [CAMEO] Rhodamine dyes (aminoxanthenes) are xanthene dyes that are very important commercially. They are brilliant, blue-red, fluorescent dyes used as colorants in inks, paper, and plastics. Sulfonated derivatives are used as wool and polyamide dyes. Red fluorescent pigments are produced from Rhodamine dyes, and some of these are used as laser dyes. Rhodamine B is used to make pink fluorescent pigments. [Ullmann]


Carcinogenic in rats after subcutaneous injection: sarcomas; No human data; [IARC]

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

1.89E-19 mm Hg

Explanatory Notes

mp = 329 deg F; VP = essentially zero; [CHEMINFO]

Adverse Effects
IARC Carcinogen

Not Classifiable

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