Agent Name

Benzene, C10-C13 alkyl derivatives

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Major Category

Other Classes


Alkyl(C10-C13)benzene; Benzene, C10-13-alkyl derivs.; [ChemIDplus] Alkyl C10-13, benzol.; Benzene, C10-13-alkyl-deriv.; Benzol, C10-13-alkyl-deriv.; Alkyl, C10-13, benzene; Alkyl, C10-13, benzol; Benzol, C10-13-Alkyl Deriv.; ALKYLATE; Aromatol (Alkil-benzolok Kevereke); DETERGENT ALKYLATE; Dobane; Dobane 102; Dobane 103; Dobane 113; ISOCHEM 112; ISOCHEM 113; ISORCHEM; ISORCHEM 112; ISORCHEM 113; Linear Alkyl Benzene; LINEAR ALKYL BENZENE; Linear alkyl benzene; Linear Alkylbenzene; LINEAR ALKYLBENZENE; LAB; Lineares Alkylbenzol (LAB); MARLICAN; Nalkylene; PETRELAB 400; PETRELAB 475; PETRELAB 500; PETRELAB 550; SIRENE; SIRENE 113; SIRENE X 12L; SIRENE X11; [IUCLID] THERMINOL ADX-10; [Solutia MSDS]


Aromatic Hydrocarbons


Clear light yellow liquid; [Solutia MSDS]


Used in the chemical, paper-pulp-board, electrical/electronic engineering, and polymers industries; Used as an intermediate, insulating material, cleaning/washing agent, disinfectant, solvent, and surface active agent; [IUCLID] Used primarily in the manufacture of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS); Also used as a solvent and binder in cable oil, inks, paints and varnishes, insulating, and electricity; [ToxPlanet: CPS&Q: RARs - Final Risk Assessment Report] Used as a heat transfer agent; [Solutia MSDS]


Not a skin or eye irritant; No evidence of skin sensitization in humans or guinea pigs; No evidence of reproductive or developmental toxicity; [ToxPlanet: EC: SCTEE] Not expected to cause adverse health effects; [Solutia MSDS] See "Dodecylbenzene."

Reference Link

OECD SIDS: Benzene, C10-C16 alkyl derivatives - 1995

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

0.009 mm Hg

Lethal Concentration

LC50 (rat) > 1,820 mg/m3/4hr

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