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Distillates (petroleum), clay-treated heavy naphthenic

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600 Solvent pale oil; Clay-treated heavy naphthenic distillates (petroleum); Distillates, petroleum, clay-treated heavy naphthenic; Petroleum distillates, clay-treated heavy naphthenic; Distillates, (petroleum), clay-treated heavy naphthenic; [ChemIDplus] RO 15; Baseoil - unspecified; [Calumet Specialty Products MSDS]


Petroleum Oils


Colorless to light yellow viscous liquid with a hydrocarbon odor; [Calumet Specialty Products MSDS]


Used to make large scale and fine chemicals, rubber, polymers, and explosives, in fuels, lubricants, coatings, cleaning agents, metal working fluids-rolling oils, release agents or binders, water treatment chemicals, functional fluids, agrochemicals, oil and gas field drilling-production, mining, road construction, and various consumer products; [ExPub: ECHA REACH Registrations] Used in the petrochemical industry, petroleum refining, and as a lubricant; [Calumet Specialty Products MSDS]


"TSCA Definition 2008: A complex combination of hydrocarbons resulting from treatment of a petroleum fraction with natural or modified clay in either a contacting or percolation process to remove the trace amounts of polar compounds and impurities present. It consists of hydrocarbons having carbon numbers predominantly in the range of C20 through C50 and produces a finished oil with a viscosity of at least 100 SUS at (19cSt at It contains relatively few normal paraffins." [ChemIDplus] May cause skin irritation; Not expected to cause adverse health effects; [Calumet Specialty Products MSDS]

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