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Zinc sulfate

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Bonazen; Bufopto zinc sulfate; Complexonat; Medizinc; NU-Z; Neozin; OP-Thal-zin; Optised; Optraex; Orazinc; Prefrin-Z; Solvezinc; Solvezink; Sulfate de zinc [French]; Sulfuric acid zinc salt (VAN); Sulfuric acid, zinc salt; Sulfuric acid, zinc salt (1:1); Verazinc; Visine-ac; White copperas; White vitriol; White vitriol (VAN); Zinc sulfate; Zinc sulfate (1:1); Zinc sulfate (ZnSO4); Zinc sulfate anhydrous; Zinc sulphate; Zinc vitriol; Zinc vitriol (VAN); Zinc-200; Zincate; Zinci Sulfas; Zincomed; Zincum Sulfuricum; Zink-Gro; Zinklet; Zinkosite; component of Phenylzin; [ChemIDplus] UN 9161


Metals, Inorganic Compounds


Colorless crystals. [HSDB]


Used as an animal feed additive, chemical reagent, mordant in textile printing, wood and skin preservative, crenulating agent (rayon manufacturing), flotation reagent, fertilizer, and fire-proofing agent; Also used in paint pigment, paper bleaching, glue, electrogalvanizing, and deodorants; Former uses are herbicide and miticide; [HSDB]


Toxic by ingestion; Long-term therapeutic doses may inhibit the absorption of copper; Zinc sulfate was used as an emetic (dose of 1-2 grams in a glass of water) in the past, but it can cause kidney injury. The dust is irritating to the nose and throat. Subjects receiving 200 mg three times a day for 18 weeks showed no signs of kidney or liver injury. Ingestion of 28 grams was lethal in one poisoning case. Autopsy showed pancreatic hemorrhage and renal damage. [HSDB] See "Zinc."

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0.1 mg/m3(respirable fraction), 2 mg/m3 (inhalable fraction) for Zn inorg. cmpnds

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