Agent Name

Fatty acids, C18-unsataturated, dimers, polymers with tall-oil fatty acids

CAS Number


Major Category

Plastics & Rubber


C36 Fatty acid dimer, tall oil fatty acid, triethylenetetramine polyamide; C36 Fatty acid dimer, tall oil fatty acid, triethylenetetramine polymer; Dimer acid, triethylenetetramine, tall oil fatty acids polymer; Dimer fatty acids, tall oil fatty acids, triethylenetetramine polymer; Fatty acids, C18 unsaturated, dimers, polymers with tall oil fatty acids and triethylenetetramine; Tall oil acids and fatty acids, C18-unsaturated, dimer, condensate with triethylene tetramine; Triethylenetetramine, dimer fatty acids, tall oil fatty acids polymer; [ChemIDplus] Fatty acids, C18-unsatd., dimers, oligomeric reaction products with tall-oil fatty acids and triethylenetetramine; Aradur 140 BD; Aradur 145 BD; Aradur 422 XW 70 BD; Aradur 5049-1 CH; [ToxPlanet: ECHA REACH Registrations] ANCAMIDE 375A Curing Agent; Polymer of C-18 unsat'd fatty acid dimers w/ teta and tofa; [Air Products MSDS]




Amber liquid with an ammoniacal odor; [Air Products MSDS]


Used to formulate paints-coatings-thinners, fillers-putties-plasters, laboratory chemicals, and adhesives; [ExPub: ECHA REACH Registrations] Used as a curing agent and epoxy; [Air Products MSDS]


A moderate irritant; May cause skin sensitization; Harmful by inhalation (may cause delayed lung injury); Repeated or prolonged exposure may cause sensitization, asthma, and eczemas; [Air Products MSDS] See "Triethylene tetramine." See "Tall oil fatty acids."

Adverse Effects
Skin Sensitizer


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