Agent Name

Kaolin, calcined

CAS Number




Major Category

Mineral Dusts


Calcined kaolin clay; [ChemIDplus] Alphatex; Ansilex 90; Ansilex 93; Calcined china clay; Calcined kaolin; China Clay; Kaolin; Deltatex; Kalziniertes Kaolin; AS 45; Kaolinschamotte; Kaocal; M 100; M 100 (clay); Nuopaque; Pole Star 200R; Satintone; Satintone 1; Satintone 5; Satintone SP 33; Satintone Special; Satintone Whitetex; SP 33; SP 33 (clay); Tuboryl N; [IUCLID] Burgess No. 30; Burgess No. 30 LOA; Burgess 30P; Burgess No. 50; Burgess XP; ICEBERG; ICECAP K; ICECAP K70; ICECAP KSF; ICEFLOW; OPTIPOZZ; OPTIWHITE; OPTIWHITE MX; OPTIWHITE P; OPTIWHITE PG; Anhydrous Aluminum Silicate; [Burgess Pigment MSDS]


Other Mineral Dusts


Off-white powder with an odor like soil; [Burgess Pigment MSDS]


Used in the agricultural, paper-pulp-board, paints-lacquers-varnishes, polymers, personal and domestic use, and ceramics industries; Used as kiln car furniture, a filler, pesticide, body component, and in investment casting molds; [IUCLID] Used to make large scale and fine chemicals, processing aids (i.e. pH regulators, flocculants, and precipitants), and laboratory chemicals; [ExPub: ECHA REACH Registrations] Used as a mineral pigment extender (filler) in paper coatings, paints, and rubber and plastic formulations; [Burgess Pigment MSDS]


"TSCA Definition 2008: The product of high temperature calcination (above ( of naturally occurring kaolin, a hydrated aluminum silicate, resulting in the evolution of water and the formation of new substances depending upon the calcination temperatures employed." [ChemIDplus] Although marginally abrasive, not considered a skin or eye irritant or skin sensitizer; [IUCLID] Contains less than 0.1% crystalline silica; Not considered hazardous by GHS classification; [Burgess Pigment MSDS] See "Kaolin."

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