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Soybean oil

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Major Category

Biological Agents


Extract of soy; Oils, soybean; Soy germ extract; Acidulated soybean soapstock; AMCO; Bionatrol; Crude soybean oil, solvent extracted; Degummed soybean oil; Glycine max seed oil; Liposyn III 10%; Liposyn III 20%; Liposyn III 30%; Lipovenoes; Lipovenos; Lipovenous; Nutrilipid; Nutrilipid 10%; Nutrilipid 20%; Refined soybean oil; Refined undeodorized soybean oil; Soy oil; Soy-bean oil; Soya oil; Soya-bean oil; Soyacal 10%; Soyacal 20%; Soybean acidulated soapstock; Soybean deodorizer distillate; Soybean oil bleaching; Soybean oil deodorization; Soybean oil fatty acids, glycerol triester; Soybean oil, bleached; Soybean oil, degummed; Soybean oil, deodorized; Soybean oil, refined; Soybean seed oil; Soybean vegetable oil, winter fraction; Travamulsion 10%; Travamulsion 20%; VT 18; Soya bean oil; [ChemIDplus] Oils, edible: soya bean; [CAMEO] Soya oil from Glycine max; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]


Plant Oils and Extracts


Pale yellow oily liquid with a faint odor; [CAMEO] Clear light yellow liquid; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]


Used as an insecticide/miticide for use on citrus fruits, various ornamentals, domestic dwellings and premises, and recreational areas; [Reference #1] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]


"TSCA Definition 2008: Extractives and their physically modified derivatives. It consists primarily of the glycerides of the fatty acids linoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic. (Soja hispida)." [ChemIDplus] Generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA; [Reference #1] Not considered hazardous by GHS classification; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]

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