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tert-Butyl peroxyacetate

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Ethaneperoxoic acid, 1,1-dimethylethyl ester; Lupersol 70; t-Butyl peracetate; t-Butyl peroxyacetate; tert-Butyl peracetate; Trigonox F-C50; Peroxyacetic acid, tert-butyl ester; [ChemIDplus] Acetyl tert-butyl peroxide; Butyl peroxyacetate, tert; Kayabutyl A; Kayabutyl A 50T; Perbutyl A; [CAMEO] UN3101


Peroxides, Organic


Liquid; [CAMEO] Solution in 10-30% aliphatic hydrocarbons (Stoddard type): Light yellow liquid with a pungent odor; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]


A strong oxidizer that may cause fire or explosion on contact with combustible materials; Explosive and sensitive to heat and shock; [CAMEO] A moderate eye irritant; Causes respiratory depression, GI bleeding, abnormal liver function results, and effects on spermatogenesis in acute inhalation studies (species not specified); Causes abnormal recording from peripheral motor nerves, proteinuria, hemolysis, and effects on spermatogenesis and male reproductive organs in acute inhalation studies of rats; [RTECS] Solution in 10-30% aliphatic hydrocarbons (Stoddard type, CAS# 8052-41-3): Organic peroxide that may cause fire or explode on heating; A skin and strong eye irritant; Harmful by ingestion; Possible carcinogen and mutagen; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS] See "Peroxybenzoic acid, t-butyl ester" and "Diisopropyl peroxydicarbonate."

Exposure Assessment
Lethal Concentration

LC33 (rat) = 8,200 mg/m3/4hr

Explanatory Notes

The Guide in the Emergency Response Guidebook is for "Organic peroxide type B, liquid."

Adverse Effects

Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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