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Sudan III

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Solvent red 23; 1-((4-(Phenylazo)phenyl)azo)-2-naphthalenol; 1-((p-Phenylazo)phenyl)azo-2-naphthol; 1-(Phenylazophenylazo)-2-hydroxynaphthalene; 111440 Red; 2-Naphthol, 1-((p-(phenylazo)phenyl)azo)-; Atul Oil Red G; Benzeneazobenzeneazo-beta-naphthol; Brasilazina Oil Scarlet; C.I. 23; C.I. 26100; C.I. Solvent Red 23; Cerasin Red; Cerasinrot; Cerotinscharlach R; Certiqual Oil Red; Cerven rozpoustedlova 23 [Czech]; D & C Red No. 17; D and C Red No. 17; FD and C Red No. 17; Fast Oil Scarlet III; Fat Red (bluish); Fat Red HRR; Fat Red R; Fat Red RS; Fat Red RS (VAN); Fat Red, Bluish (VAN); Fat Scarlet LB; Fat Soluble Red ZH; Fettponceau G; Fettrot; Fettscharlach; Fettscharlach LB; Grasal Brilliant Red G; Grasan Brilliant Red G; Japan Red 225; Motirot 2R; Oil Red; Oil Red 3G; Oil Red 6566; Oil Red AS; Oil Red G; Oil Scarlet; Oil Scarlet AS; Oil Scarlet G; Organol Red BS; Organol Scarlet; Ponceau, insoluble, OLG; Pyronalrot B; Red No. 225; Red ZH; Rouge cerasine; Scarlet B Fat Soluble; Schultz No. 31; Silotras Scarlet TB; Somalia Red III; Soudan III; Stearix Scarlet; Sudan G III; Sudan III; Sudan III (G); Sudan P III; Sudan Red III; Tetrazobenzene-beta-naphthol; Toney Red; 1-(4-(Phenylazo)phenylazo)-2-naphthol; 2-Naphthalenol, 1-((4-(phenylazo)phenyl)azo)-; 2-Naphthalenol, 1-(2-(4-(2-phenyldiazenyl)phenyl)diazenyl)-; [ChemIDplus]


Azo Dyes


Brown and green metallic solid; [Merck Index] Red powder; [MSDSonline]


Used as a biological stain; [Merck Index]


A skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant; [MSDSonline]

Exposure Assessment
Explanatory Notes

mp = 199 deg C; [MSDSonline]

Adverse Effects
IARC Carcinogen

Not Classifiable

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