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Toxic Gas from Spilling Chemical in Water


Chemicals That Produce Large Amounts of Toxic Gas When Spilled in Water: Acetyl chloride: HCl; Boron trichloride: HCl Chloroacetyl chloride: HCl; Chromyl chloride (Chromium oxychloride): HCl; Dichloroacetyl chloride: HCl Methyldichlorosilane: HCl Phosphorus trichloride: HCl Phosphorus pentachloride: HCl; Phosphorus oxychloride: HCl; Titanium tetrachloride: HCl; Aluminum chloride, anhydrous: HCl; Chlorosulfonic acid: HCl; Silicon tetrachloride: HCl; n-Butyryl chloride and Isobutyryl chloride: HCl Sulfuryl chloride: HCL CHLOROSILANES: HCl; Sulfur chlorides: HCl, SO2, H2S PHOSPHIDES: Phosphine; Acetone cyanohydrin. stabilized: HCN; Potassium cyanide: HCN; Sodium cyanide: HCN; CYANIDES: HCN; Phosphorus pentasulfide: H2S; Sodium, Calcium, Potassium & Zinc hydrosulfite: H2S, SO2; Surfuryl chloride: HCl ; Thionyl chloride: HCl, SO2; Chlorine dioxide, hydrate, frozen: Chlorine; Fluorosulfonic acid: HF; Antimony pentafluoride: HF; Iodine pentafluoride: HF; Uranium hexafluoride: HF; Bromine trifluoride and Bromine pentafluoride: HF and Bromine; Boron tribromide: HBr; Phosphorus tribromide: HBr; Phosphorus pentabromide: HBr; Acetyl bromide: HBr; Aluminum bromide, anhydrous: HBr; Lithium nitride & Magnesium diamide: Ammonia; Acetyl iodide: Hydrogen iodide; Toxic gases include chlorine, hydrogen chloride (HCL), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia, phosphine, sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen bromide (HBr), bromine, and hydrogen iodide. [ERG 2012]



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