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Worked in foundry for years with heavy exposure to gases/fumes and mineral dust


"Exposure to respirable dust was higher among the iron foundry workers; and among these, general, furnace, rolling mill, and fabrication workers had higher exposures to dust than did workers in continuous casting, the mechanical workshop, and the bottling plant. Job type and exposure to dust were significant predictors of lung function." [PMID 11555687] In a study of 598 Brazilian foundry workers, chronic bronchits and small opacities on chest x-ray were associated with length of exposure. Pneumoconiosis prevalence was 4.5%. [Hyperlink] See the agent "Iron and steel founding."

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Smelting or Casting Metal

Reference Link

Respiratory impairment in Brazilian foundry worker...[Am J Ind Med. 2007] - PubMed Result

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