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Lauryl alcohol

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Major Category

Other Classes


Lauryl alcohol; 1-Dodecyl alcohol; 1-Hydroxydodecane; Adol 10; Adol 11; Adol 12; Alcohol C-12; Alfol 12; C12 alcohol; CO-1214; CO-1214N; CO-1214S; Cachalot L-50; Cachalot L-90; Conol 20P; Conol 20PP; Duodecyl alcohol; Dytol J-68; Dytol J-68 (VAN); EPAL 12; Fatty alcohol(C12); Hainol 12SS; Karukoru 20; Lauric alcohol; Laurinic alcohol; Lauroyl alcohol; Lauryl 24; Lauryl alcohol; Lorol 11; Lorol 5; Lorol 7; Lorol C 12; Lorol C 12/98; MA-1214; Pisol; S 1298; Sipol L12; Siponol 25; Siponol L2; Siponol L5; Undecyl carbinol; n-Dodecan-1-ol; n-Dodecyl alcohol; n-Lauryl alcohol, primary; Dodecanol; Dodecyl alcohol; [ChemIDplus]


Alcohols and Polyols, Other


Colorless solid below 20 deg C; Colorless liquid at room temperature; Unpleasant odor at high concentrations; Delicate floral odor when diluted; [HSDB] White solid with an alcohol-like odor; mp = 26 deg C; [MSDSonline]


Used to manufacture sulfuric acid esters (wetting agents) and in synthetic detergents, lube additives, pharmaceuticals, rubber, textiles, and perfumes; Also used as a flavoring agent and as a foam stabilizer for alcohol sulfate surfactants; [HSDB] Used to make surfactants for detergents, cleaning products, shampoos, cosmetics, lubricants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, dispersing agents, and antioxidants; Also used to make biocides and disinfectants; 1-Dodecanol is used in foam control, aluminum rolling, metalworking, and in the rubber, textiles, cosmetics, and perfume industries; Also used as a froth flotation agent and a flavoring ingredient in non-alcoholic beverages, ice cream, candy, baked goods, chewing gum, and syrups; [CHEMINFO] Used as Lepidoptera pheromone in apple and pear orchards; [EPA]


Higher alcohols are not highly toxic in the industrial setting; Can cause liver injury, somnolence, and respiratory depression in experimental animals; A skin and eye irritant; [HSDB] Inhalation of high concentrations may cause CNS depression; [CHEMINFO] Safe when used as a flavoring agent in food; [JECFA] Practically nontoxic and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) in food; [Reference #1] Causes general depressed activity after administration onto skin of rabbit; [RTEC] An irritant; [MSDSonline]

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OECD SIDS: 1-Dodecanol

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

0.000848 mm Hg

Lethal Concentration

LC50 (rat) > 1,050 mg/m3/6h

Explanatory Notes

Flash point = 127 deg C; [HSDB]

Adverse Effects

CNS Solvent Syndrome


Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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