Agent Name

Cetyl alcohol

Alternative Name


CAS Number




Major Category

Other Classes


1-Hexadecanol; 1-Cetanol; 1-Hexadecyl alc; 1-Hexadecyl alcohol; Adol; Adol 52; Adol 52 NF; Adol 520; Adol 54; Alcohol C-16; Aldol 54; Alfol 16; Atalco C; C16 alcohol; CO-1670; CO-1695; Cachalot C-50; Cachalot C-51; Cachalot C-52; Cetaffine; Cetal; Cetalol CA; Cetanol; Cetylic alcohol; Cetylol; Crodacol C; Crodacol-CAS; Crodacol-CAT; Dytol F-11; EPAL 16NF; Elfacos C; Ethal; Ethol; Fatty alcohol(C16); Hexadecan-1-ol; Hexadecanol; Hexadecanol (VAN); Hexadecyl alcohol; Hexadecyl alcohol, normal; Hyfatol; Hyfatol 16; Lanol C; Lorol 24; Loxanol K; Loxanol K Extra; Loxanwachs SK; N-Hexadecanol; N-Hexadecyl alcohol; Normal primary hexadecyl alcohol; Palmityl alcohol; Product 308; Siponol CC; Siponol Wax-A; n-1-Hexadecanol; n-Cetyl alcohol; n-Hexadecanol; n-Hexadecyl alcohol; [ChemIDplus]


Alcohols and Polyols, Other


White solid; [Hawley]


Used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, and shampoos (emollient and emulsion modifier) and to make face creams, lotions, lipsticks, toilet preparations, and antiperspirant sticks; Also used as a coupling agent, foam stabilizer in detergents, base for making sulfonated fatty acids, monomer lubricant in suspension polymerization, and to retard evaporation of water when spread as a film on reservoirs or sprayed on growing plants; [HSDB]


Higher alcohols are not highly toxic in the industrial setting; Can cause liver injury, somnolence, and respiratory depression in experimental animals; [HSDB] In high-dose feeding studies, causes somnolence in rats and ataxia in dogs; [RTECS] Safe when used as a flavoring agent in food; [JECFA] An irritant; [MSDSonline]

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

3.06E-6 mm Hg

Lethal Concentration

LCLo (rat) = 2,220 mg/m3/6h

Explanatory Notes

Flash point = 175 deg C; [eChemPortal: IUCLID]

Adverse Effects

CNS Solvent Syndrome


Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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