Agent Name

C.I. Direct Green 1

CAS Number




Major Category



2,7-Naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 4-amino-5-hydroxy-3-((4'-((4-hydroxyphenyl)azo)(1,1'-biphenyl)-4-yl)azo)-6-(phenylazo)-, disodium salt; Airedale Green BWD; Aizen Direct Dark Green BH; Amanil Green LT; Atlantic Dark Green; Atlantic Green WT; Atul Direct Dark Green P; Azine Dark Green BH/C; Azocard Dark Green B; Bencidal Dark Green B; Benzanil Dark Green BW; Benzo Dark Green B; Benzo Dark Green BA-CF; Brasilamina Green B; C.I. 30280; C.I. Direct Green 1; CI 30280; CI Direct Green 1, disodium salt; Calcomine Dark Green BG; Chlorazol Dark Green PL; Chrome Leather Dark Green N; Chrome Leather Dark Green S; Chrome Leather Green B; Cresotine Dark Green B; Dark Green EMBL; Diacotton Dark Green; Diamine Dark Green B; Diamine Dark Green N; Diaphtamine Fast Black FE; Diaphthamine Fast Black FE; Diazine Dark Green BO; Diazine Dark Green P; Diazol Green Black N; Diphenyl Dark Green B; Diphenyl Dark Green BN; Direct Black Green; Direct Dark Green; Direct Dark Green A; Direct Dark Green B; Direct Dark Green BF; Direct Dark Green BG; Direct Dark Green MB; Direct Dark Green S; Direct Dark Green Supra; Direct Dark Green WS; Direct Deep Green A; Direct Green WAC; Enianil Dark Green BG; Erie Green WAC; Erie Green WT; Fenamin Green M; Hispamin Green WT; Kayaku Direct Dark Green B; Mitsui Direct Dark Green BX; Naphtamine Dark Green B; Naphthamine Dark Green B; Nippon Dark Green B; Phenamine Dark Green B; Polycor Dark Green S; Pontamine Green S; Sandopel Dark Green B; Shikiso Direct Dark Green B; Tertrodirect Green BG; Union Dark Green B; Vondacel Green DB; [ChemIDplus]


Benzidine Dyes


Dull green or black solid; [CAMEO]


Used as dye for cellulose, silk, nylon, leather, paper, aqueous inks, and regenerated-cellulose film; [HSDB]


No health hazard information available; [CAMEO]

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