Agent Name

C.I. Pigment Violet 3

CAS Number


Major Category



Benzoic Methyl Violet Lake; Brillfast Violet; C.I. 42535 Lake; C.I. 42535:2; CI 42535:2; CI Basic Violet 1, molybdatetungstatephosphate; Calcotone Violet RP; Conc. Violet R; Consol Violet; Dainichi Fast Violet M Toner; Dainichi Fast Violet MX; Eljon Violet Toner; Fanal Violet R Supra; Fanal Violet RA Supra; Fanatone Violet; Fanel Violet RA Supra; Fast Bronze Violet; Fast Violet Toner R; Fastel Violet R; Fastel Violet R Supra; Federal Fast Violet 7001; Halopont Violet NM; Helmerco Violet MR; Irgalite Violet TCR; Kromal Violet R; Lake Basic Violet; Methyl Violet Lake; Methyl Violet PMA Lake VA-4150; No. 34 Forthbrite Fast Violet; No. 48 Forthbrite Fast Violet; Nyco Liquid Violet RF; Nyco Super Violet 4R; PMA Violet 3; Permanent Purple Toner; Permanent Purple; Purple Lake; Pyramid Violet Toner NX; Recolite Violet RDS; Recolite Violet RTS; Siegle Bluish Violet Extract D447; Siegle Bluish Violet Extract DH47; Silosuper Violet R; Solar Casting Violet RMN47-3012; Solar Coating Violet RMN47-3012; Solar Violet RCL; Solar Violet RMN47-3612; Syton Violet R; Tintofen Violet R; Tintofen Violet R Supra; Toning Blue MV; Tropical Violet Toner; Violet Lake; Violet PTA & PMA Lakes; Violet Toner PTMA 55-2925; Methyl Violet; [ChemIDplus]


Di- and Triaryl Dyes


Violet paste with an odor like ammonia; [MSDSonline]


Used in paints, inks, plastics, and rubber; [HSDB]


A mild eye irritant; Toxic to aquatic organisms; [MSDSonline]

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