Agent Name

Sudan I

Alternative Name

C.I. Solvent Yellow 14

CAS Number




Major Category



C.I. Solvent Yellow 14; 1-(Phenylazo)-2-naphthalenol; 1-Benzoazo-2-naphthol; 1-Phenylazo-2-naphthol; 1-Phenylazo-beta-naphthol; 2-Hydroxy-1-phenylazonaphthalene; 2-Hydroxynaphthyl-1-azobenzene; 2-Naphthalenol, 1-(phenylazo)-; 2-Naphthol, 1-(phenylazo)-; 2-Naphtholazobenzene; Atul Orange R; Benzene-1-azo-2-naphthol; Benzeneazo-beta-naphthol; Brasilazina Oil Orange; Brilliant Oil Orange R; C.I. 12055; C.I. Disperse Yellow 97; CI 12055; Calco Oil Orange 7078; Calco Oil Orange 7078-Y; Calco Oil Orange Z-7078; Calcogas M; Calcogas Orange NC; Campbelline Oil Orange; Carminaph; Ceres Orange R; Cerotinorange G; Disperse Yellow 97; Dispersol Yellow PP; Dunkelgelb; Enial Orange I; Fast Oil Orange; Fast Oil Orange I; Fast Orange; Fat Orange 4A; Fat Orange G; Fat Orange G (VAN); Fat Orange I; Fat Orange R; Fat Orange RS; Fat Soluble Orange; Fettorange 4A; Fettorange 4a; Fettorange IG; Fettorange R; Fettorange lg; Grasal Orange; Grasan Orange R; Hidaco Oil Orange; Lacquer Orange VG; Morton Orange Y; Motiorange R; Oil Orange; Oil Orange 2311; Oil Orange 2B; Oil Orange 31; Oil Orange 7078-V; Oil Orange E; Oil Orange EP; Oil Orange PEL; Oil Orange PS; Oil Orange R; Oil Orange R (VAN); Oil Orange R-14; Oil Orange Z-7078; Oil Soluble Orange; Oleal Orange R; Orange 2 Insoluble; Orange 3RA soluble in grease; Orange A L'huile; Orange Insoluble OLG; Orange R Fat Soluble; Orange Resenole 3; Orange Resenole No. 3; Orange Soluble A L'huile; Orange a l'huile; Orange Pel; Orange Soluble A l'huile; Organol Orange; Orient Oil Orange PS; Petrol Orange Y; Plastoresin Orange F4A; Pyronalorange; Resinol Orange R; Resoform Orange G; Sansel Orange G; Scharlach B; Silotras Orange TR; Solvent Yellow 14; Solvent Yellow No. 14; Somalia Orange I; Soudan I; Spirit Orange; Spirit Yellow I; Stearix Orange; Sudan J; Sudan Orange R; Sudan Orange RA; Sudan Orange RA New; Sudan Yellow; Tertrogras Orange SV; Toyo Oil Orange; Waxakol Orange GL; Waxoline Yellow I; Waxoline Yellow IM; Waxoline Yellow IP; Waxoline Yellow IS; Zlut rozpoustedlova 14 [Czech]; alpha-Phenylazo-beta-naphthol; [ChemIDplus]


Azo Dyes


Brick-red solid; [HSDB]


Used as a dye for hydrocarbon solvents, oils, fats, waxes, shoe and floor polishes, gasoline, soap, colored smokes, cellulose ether varnishes, and styrene resins; [HSDB]


May cause skin sensitization; [eChemPortal: ESIS] May cause irritation; Possible sensitizer; [MSDSonline]

Reference Link

Sudan I as a cause of pigmented contact dermatitis in "kumkum" (an Indian cosmetic).

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

7.34E-8 mm Hg

Adverse Effects
Skin Sensitizer


IARC Carcinogen

Not Classifiable

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