Agent Name

C.I. Sulphur Blue 7

CAS Number


Major Category



Acco Sulfur Blue 2R-CF; Acco Sulfur Blue 4R-CF; Acco Sulfur Blue 6R-CF; Acco Sulfur Blue B-CF; Acco Sulfur Blue GLP-CF; Acco Sulfur Blue GLR-CF; Acco Sulfur Blue R-CF; Atul Sulfur Navy Blue; C.I. Sulfur Blue 7; CI 53440; Calcogene Blue 2B-CF; Calcogene Blue 2R-CF; Calcogene Blue 6R-CF; Calcogene Navy Blue 2GS-CF; Dark Blue Z; Diresul Blue 8RS; Diresul Blue 9RS; Diresul Navy Blue GIS; Eclipse Dark Blue B; Fenoxyl Blue 9R; Fenoxyl Blue L; Fenoxyl Blue LC; Fenoxyl Blue LCR; Immedial Indone RR; Immedial Indone Violet B; Katigen Blue BC3R Conc CF; Katigen Blue BC8R Conc CF; Katigen Blue BCR Conc CF; Kayaku Indone Violet BC; Kayaku Sulphur Blue 4R; Kayaku Sulphur Blue BK; Kayaku Sulphur Blue BN; Kayaku Sulphur Blue BP; Kayaku Sulphur Blue FBB; Kayaku Sulphur Blue RC; Kayaku Sulphur Blue RN; Kayaku Sulphur Blue RS; Kayaku Sulphur Blue TFB; Kayaku Sulphur Blue TFR; Kayaku Sulphur Indone Violet; Mitsui Sulphur Blue 3BN; Mitsui Sulphur Blue 4R; Mitsui Sulphur Blue BC; Mitsui Sulphur Blue FB; Mitsui Sulphur Blue LC; Mitsui Sulphur Blue LCR; Mitsui Sulphur Blue R; Mitsui Sulphur Blue RC; Mitsui Sulphur Blue RCP; Mitsui Sulphur Blue TFA; Mitsui Sulphur Blue TFB; [ChemIDplus]


Other Dyes


Used as dye for cellulose, leather, paper, and direct printing; [HSDB]

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