Agent Name

Capric acid

Alternative Name

Decanoic acid

CAS Number




Major Category

Other Classes


1-Nonanecarboxylic acid; C10 fatty acid; Caprinic acid; Caprynic acid; Decanoic acid (natural); Decoic acid; Decylic acid; Econosan Acid Sanitizer; Fatty acid(C10); Hexacid 1095; Neo-fat 10; n-Capric acid; n-Decanoic acid; n-Decoic acid; n-Decylic acid; [ChemIDplus]


Organic Acids


White solid with an unpleasant odor; Insoluble in water; mp = 31.5 deg C; [Hawley] Off-white wax or crystalline solid with a rancid odor; Insoluble in water; [MSDSonline]


Used in perfumes , fruit flavors, resins, and to make wetting agents, food additives, and other organic chemicals; Also used as a plasticizer and as an absorption enhancer in guinea pig skin experiments; [HSDB] Found in several essential oils, many fruits, dairy products, rum, whiskey, wine, brandies, other foods, and American elm seeds; [CHEMINFO]


Emergency treatment: non-toxic ingestion; A skin irritant; Neat material highly irritating in rabbit eyes; Causes skin irritation in human volunteers in concentrations >1%; [HSDB] A skin, eye, mucous membrane, and upper respiratory tract irritant; [CAMEO] Safe when used as a flavoring agent in food; [JECFA] An irritant; [MSDSonline]

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

0.000366 mm Hg

Odor Threshold Low

0.0071 ppm

Odor Threshold High

0.01 ppm

Explanatory Notes

Odor threshold (detection and recognition) from CHEMINFO;

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