Agent Name

Carob bean gum

CAS Number


Major Category

Biological Agents


Ceratonia; Algaroba; Arobon; Carob bean extract; Carob bean extract (Ceratonia siliqua L.); Carob bean flour; Carob flour; Carob gum; Carob seed gum; Ceratonia gum; Ceratonia siliqua gum; Fructoline; Gum,carob bean; Gum,carob bean locust; Indalca ABV; Johannisbrotmehl; Locust bean flour; Locust bean gum; Locust bean gum (Ceratonia siliqua L.); Locust bean oil; Locust gum; Luctin; Lupogum; St John's bread gum; St. John's bread; Supercol; Tragacol; Tragasol; Tragon; Tragon AY; Tragon gum; Unigum; [ChemIDplus]


Vegetable Gums


Pure white solid (powdered form); Cloudy with white opacity in solution; [HSDB] Off-white to yellow-green solid; [CAMEO] Beige powder; [MSDSonline]


Derived from the fruit of the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua); Used as a fiber bonding agent in paper, stabilizer and texture modifier in processed foods, sizing and finishing agent in textiles, print-paste thickener, drilling mud additive, additive to pharmaceutical tablets, thickener for toothpaste and creams, paint additive, and diarrheal medication; Used by the ancient Egyptians as an adhesive in mummy binding; [HSDB]


Emergency treatment: "Non-toxic ingestion"; [HSDB] May cause irritation; [MSDSonline]

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