Agent Name

Cedarwood oil

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Major Category

Biological Agents


Cedar oil; Cedarwood Oil, Kenyan; Cedarwood oil residues; Cedarwood oil virginia; Cedarwood oil, Chinese; Cedarwood oil, Virginiana; Cedarwood oil, decolorized; Cedrus atlantica oil; Oil cedar; Oil of cedar wood; Oil of cedarwood; Oils, cedarwood; Red cedarwood oil; [ChemIDplus]


Wood Dusts & Extracts


Colorless or slightly yellow liquid; [HSDB] Clear, deep brown to yellow, viscous liquid; [MSDSonline]


Obtained from different conifers and vary in composition (over 60 varieties); Used in furniture polish and in cartridges used to produce smoke in electric toy trains; Also used as a fragrance in soaps and perfumes, insect repellent, agent in oil immersion microscopy, and starting material for other fragrances; [HSDB]


Emergency treatment: Irritants; [HSDB] A moderate irritant on skin of rabbits; [RTECS] Long-term exposure at high doses may cause liver and pulmonary toxicity. [Reference #1]

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Adverse Effects

Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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