Agent Name

Chlorinated paraffins

CAS Number

63449-39-8; 108171-26-2; 61788-76-9

Major Category

Other Classes


A 70 (wax); ADK Cizer 450; ADK Cizer 470; ADK Cizer E 410; Adekacizer E 410; Adekacizer E 450; Adekacizer E 470; Aquamix 108; Arubren; Arubren CP; Cerechlor 54; Cereclor; Cereclor 30; Cereclor 42; Cereclor 48; Cereclor 50LV; Cereclor 51L; Cereclor 52; Cereclor 54; Cereclor 56L; Cereclor 63L; Cereclor 65L; Cereclor 70; Cereclor 70L; Cereclor S 42; Cereclor S52; Cereclor S70; Chlorcosane; Chlorez 700; Chlorez 700hmp; Chlorinated paraffin waxes; Chlorinated paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes; Chlorinated paraffins (C23,43 chlorine); Chlorinated wax; Chlorinated waxes; Chloroflo 35; Chloroflo 40; Chloroflo 42; Chloroparaffine 40G; Chlorowax; Chlorowax 170; Chlorowax 40-40; Chlorowax 45AO; Chlorowax 50; Chlorowax 500C; Chlorowax 70; Chlorowax 70-5; Chlorowax 70S; Chlorowax S 70; Clorafin; Crechlor S 45; Creclor S 45; Flexchlor; Paraffin wax, chlorinated; Paraffin waxes and hydrocarbon waxes, chlorinated; Paraffin, chlorinated; Paroil chlorez; Unichlor; Unichlor 50; [ChemIDplus]


Halogenated Aliphatics, Saturated


Light yellow to amber liquid; [HSDB]


Used in high-pressure lubricants, flame retardants in plastics and textiles, and plasticizers in plastics, paints, rubber, adhesives, and sealants; Also used in detergents; [HSDB]


Chlorinated paraffins do not cause skin irritation or sensitization; Practically nontoxic with a lethal oral dose of >15 g/kg; Highly chlorinated paraffins may contain 2-3% carbon tetrachloride; [HSDB] "Chlorinated paraffins of average carbon-chain length C12 and average degree of chlorination approximately 60% are possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B)." [IARC]

Adverse Effects
IARC Carcinogen

Possible Carcinogen

NTP Carcinogen

Anticipated Human Carcinogen

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