Agent Name

2,4-D isooctyl ester

CAS Number




Major Category



2,4-D esters; 2,4-D-(iso-octyl); 2,4-D-isoctyl; 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, isooctyl ester; Acetic acid, (2,4-dichlorophenoxy)-, isooctyl ester; Agro-D-Ester; Agroxone 5; Amchem Amine 2,4-D Low Volatile Ester Weed Killer; Amoco 2,4-D LV Ester; Chipman 2,4-D Gran 20; Chipman 2,4-D Low Volatile Ester 4L; Chipman 2,4-D Low Volatile Ester 6; Chipman 2,4-D Low Volatile Ester 6L; Ded-weed sulv amine; Diamond Shamrock LO-VOL 4D; Diamond Shamrock LO-VOL 6D; Esteron 6E Herbicide; Esteron GE; FS LV 400 Weed Killer; Farmco DLV-400 Special; Felco LV 400 Weed Killer; Felco Low Volatile Ester 600; Green Cross Roadside 2,4-D Low Volatile Weed Killer; Greever's 2,4-D Low Volatile Ester Weed Killer; Henry Field's Lawn Weed Killer; Herbate Ester 80; Isooctyl 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetate; Isooctyl alcohol, (2,4-dichlorophenoxy)acetate; Isooktylester kyseliny 2,4-dichlorfenoxyoctove [Czech]; Line Rider LV-4D; Line Rider LV-6D; Miller's Lo Vol 4# 2,4-D; Monsanto 2,4-D Granular; Monsanto 2,4-D Low Volatile Ester; Naco LV-4D Weed Killer; Ortho 2,4-D LV Ester 4; Reed LV 2,4-D; Reed LV 400 2,4-D; Reed LV 600 2,4-D; Rhodia 2,4-D Low Volatile Ester 4L; Silvapron D; Stull's Low Volatile Weed Killer; Tobacco States Brand Ester 210; Visko-Rhap 2,4-D Low Volatile; Weedtrine-II; [ChemIDplus]


Herbicides, Chlorophenoxy


Yellow-brown liquid; [HSDB] Brown-yellow liquid; [MSDSonline]


2,4-D and derivatives: Used as herbicide for pastures, rangelands, cereals, corn, rice, nuts, turf, and aquatic, industrial, and commercial areas; [HSDB]


A skin and eye irritant; The esters of 2,4-D are hydrolyzed rapidly in the body to 2,4-D; Do not accumulate in mammals; Plasma half-life is about 1 day; Analysis of 2,4-D as esters and amine salts in 1982 found the esters more highly contaminated with dioxins; [HSDB] Now referred to as "2,4-D 2-Ethylhexyl ester", CAS# 1928-43-4; [EPA REDs] See "2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin." See "2,4-D."


No longer registered as a pesticide for use in the US; [HSDB]

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

7.06E-6 mm Hg

Adverse Effects

Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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