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Mineral Dusts


Expanded perlite (Note: An amorphous material consisting of fused sodium potassium aluminum silicate.) [NIOSH] Ceramic Sil 42-18; EP 100 (glass); Expanded perlite; Harborlite 2000S; Harborlite 635; Sil-Cell 35-34; Terra-Fil X 4; [ChemIDplus]


Other Mineral Dusts


Odorless, light-gray to glassy-black solid. [Note: Expanded perlite is a fluffy, white particulate.]; [NIOSH]


A non-crystalline silicate that occurs naturally in volcanic ash deposits; [Harber, p. 349] Perlite consists of small beads of volcanic glass that can be "popped," i.e., heated until it expands into a styrofoam-like material that is used in construction products and soil conditioners. [Hendrick, p. 171] Crystalline silica not bound to other minerals is "free" silica. Silicates are minerals in which silicon and oxygen are combined with other elements. [Rom, p. 364]


No abnormal findings have been documented in workers exposed to perlite alone. [Harber, p. 349] Documentation and TLV withdrawn in 2006 because of insufficient data; [ACGIH] Perlite ores may be contaminated with silica, and cases of complicated mixed-dust pneumoconiosis have been diagnosed in New Mexico perlite workers. [Hendrick, p. 171]

Exposure Assessment

15 mg/m3(total dust), 5 mg/m3(respirable fraction)

Explanatory Notes

Adopted Documentation and TLVs were withdrawn in 2006 due to insufficient data. [ACGIH]

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