Agent Name

Magnesium hydroxide

CAS Number




Major Category



Magnesia, [Milk of]; 200-06H; Alcanex NHC 25; Asahi Glass 200-06; Baschem 12; Combustrol 500; DP 393; DSB 100; Duhor; Duhor N; Ebson RF; FloMag H; FloMag HUS; Hydro-Mag MA; Hydrofy G 1.5; Hydrofy G 2.5; Hydrofy N; KX 8S(A); KX 8S(B); Ki 22-5B; Kisuma 4AF; Kisuma 5; Kisuma 5A; Kisuma 5B; Kisuma 5B-N; Kisuma 5BG; Kisuma 5E; Kisuma 78; Kisuma S 4; Kyowamag F; Lycal 96 HSE; Mag Chem MH 10; Magnesia hydrate; MagneClear 58; Magnesia Magma; Magnesiamaito; Magnesium dihydroxide; Magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2); Magnesium hydroxide gel; Magnesium oxide (Mg(OH)2); Magnesium(II) hydroxide; Magnifin H 10; Magox; Marinco H; Marinco H 1241; Martinal VPF 8812; Milk of magnesia; Milmag; Mint-O-Mag; Nemalite; Phillips Magnesia Tablets; Phillips Milk of Magnesia Liquid; Reachim; S/G 84; Star 200; Versamag; [ChemIDplus]


Metals, Inorganic Compounds


White odorless solid; [Hawley] Colorless or white solid; Hygroscopic in powdered form; [CHEMINFO] White odorless powder; [MSDSonline] Practically insoluble in water; [JECFA]


Found naturally as brucite; [Hawley] Used to make magnesium metal and compounds (dead-burned and caustic-burned magnesia and magnesium oxide, chloride, carbonate, and sulfate), and as an antacid and laxative, a clarifier in sugar refining, and as a residual fuel oil additive; Also used for uranium processing, wastewater treatment, sulfur dioxide removal from waste gases, and neutralization of acids in the chemical industry; Also used in toothpastes and dentrifrices, in foods as a drying and color-retention agent, in frozen desserts, in the pulp and paper industries, and in other products (ceramics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and flame retardants/smoke suppressants); [HSDB] Used as an alkali and color adjunct; [JECFA]


May cause eye injury; [HSDB] An eye irritant; [eChemPortal: ERMA] Powder irritates eyes; [MSDSonline] See "Magnesium."

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