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Magnesium silicate

CAS Number


Major Category



Silicic acid, magnesium salt; Ambosol; Avibest; Britesorb; Britesorb 90; Britesorb No. 40; Celkate T 21; Chooz; Florisil; Gastomag; HS-T (silicate); Haiburaito 1250; Haiburaito 325; KW 600S; Kyowaad 600S; Laponite 445; Laponite 508; Macrosorb M 15; Magmasil; Magnesol; Magnesol XL; Magsorbent; Mizuka Life P 1G; Mizupearl M 302; Naisuton; Nikkagel M; Novasorb; Salisil; Sep-Pak Florisil; Shimugon M; Silton SS 1; Tri-Sil; Trimax; Trinesium; Trisomin; [ChemIDplus]


Metals, Inorganic Compounds


White solid; [Hawley] Powder; [MSDSonline]


Used in rubber (filler), paper (filler), paints, varnishes, ceramics, glass, refractories, filter media, catalysts, and anticaking agents in foods;; Also used as an absorbent for crude oil spills, to make permanently dry resins and resinous compositions, to bleach animal and vegetable oils, and to absorb odors; [HSDB]


Magnesium silicates include magnesium metasilicate, magnesium orthosilicate, and magnesium trisilicate as well as asbestos and talc; [Merck Index] "Toxic by inhalation." Restricted to 2% when used in food; [Hawley] A mild skin and severe eye irritant, based on animal studies; [CHEMINFO] Contains crystalline silica (quartz); [IUCLID] Practically nontoxic by ingestion; Human lethal dose >15 g/kg; [HSDB] May cause irritation; [MSDSonline] See "Magnesium trisilicate."

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