Agent Name


CAS Number




Major Category

Nitrogen Compounds


1-Butanamine, N,N-dibutyl-; Amine, tributyl-; N,N-Dibutyl-1-butanamine; Tri-n-butylamine; Tributilamina [Romanian]; Tris-n-butylamine; [ChemIDplus] UN2542


Amines, Aliphatic


Colorless to yellow hygroscopic liquid; [ICSC] Ammoniacal odor; [HSDB] Colorless liquid; [MSDSonline]


Used as a strong base anion exchanger, polymerization catalyst, acid acceptor, solvent, inhibitor in hydraulic fluids, chemical intermediate, insecticide, and emulsifying agent; [HSDB] Used to make agricultural chemicals, photographic chemicals, and pharmaceuticals; [CHEMINFO]


A skin irritant; May cause skin sensitization; May cause CNS stimulation; [Merck Index] A skin and mild eye irritant; Can be absorbed through skin; [ICSC] A skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant; External application to rabbit eyes scored 1 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most severe) for degree of injury after 24 hours; Repeated inhalation exposures of rats to 120 ppm causes nasal irritation, restlessness, and tremors (no abnormalities in organs at autopsy); Emergency treatment: Irritants; [HSDB] Highly irritating to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes; [CAMEO] Not mutagenic in micronucleus assay of mice; Clinical signs that may be associated with neurotoxicity have been reported in various animal studies; [ToxPlanet: EPA] Causes convulsions, dyspnea, and coma in SC lethal-dose studies of rats; Causes changes in blood and enzyme activities in repeated dose oral study of rabbits; [RTECS] An irritant; Toxic by inhalation and in contact with skin; [Alfa Aesar MSDS] Search for (102-82-9[EC/RN Number]) AND (dermatitis OR allergic OR sensitizer OR sensitization): no results; [PubMed]

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

0.09 mm Hg

Lethal Concentration

LCLo (rat) = 75 ppm/4h

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