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Generate plant bioaerosols processing or packing food products


Occupational asthma has been reported in workers processing food products: almond shell dust, aniseed, asparagus, tea, cacoon seed, carob beans, carrot, chicory, cinnamon, fennel seed, FD&C Blue dye #2, fenugreek, flour, garlic dust, green beans, green coffee beans, hops, lima beans, melon plant, mushrooms, olive oilcake, onion seeds, onion, paprika, pectin, potato, rice, saffron, sarsaparilla root, sesame seeds, soybean lecithin, spice, swiss chard, and white lupin flour; [Malo]

Job Task Category

Food Processing

Reference Link

Occupational asthma and rhinoconjunctivitis by melon plant allergy.

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