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Polytetrafluoroethylene (pyrolyzed)

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AMIP 15M; Aflon; Algloflon; Algoflon SV; Algoflon, Fluon, Teflon, Tetran); Alkathene rxdg33; BDH 29-801; Balfon 7000; Chromosorb T; DLX-6000; Dixon 164; Duroid 5870; EK 1108GY-A; Ethene, tetrafluoro, homopolymer; Ethene, tetrafluoro-, homopolymer; Ethicon PtFe; Ethylene, tetrafluoro-, polymers; F 103; F 4K20; F 4MB; F 4Zh20; FBF 74D; FN 3; FT-4; Fluo-Kem; Fluon; Fluon CD 023; Fluon CD 042; Fluon CD 1; Fluon G163; Fluon G201; Fluon G4; Fluon GPI; Fluon L 169; Fluon L 169B; Fluon L 170; Fluon L 171; Fluoroflex; Fluorolon 4; Fluoropak 80; Fluoroplast 4; Fluoroplast 4B; Fluoroplast 4D; Fluoroplast 4M; Fluoropore FP 120; Ftorlon 4; Ftorlon 4M; Ftorlon F-4MB; Ftoroplast 4; Ftoroplast 4B; Ftoroplast 4D; Ftoroplast 4K20; Ftoroplast 4M; Ftoroplast F 4MB; Ftoroplast F-4; Ftoroplast FBF 74D; G 163; Gore-tex; Halon G 183; Halon G 700; Halon G 80; Halon TFEG 180; Heydeflon; Hostaflon TF; Hostaflon TF 2026; Hostaflon TF 2053; L 169; Molykote 522; PTFE; PTFE GM3; Perfluoroethylene polymer; Polifen; Politef; Politefo [INN-Spanish]; Politefum [INN-Latin]; Poly(ethylene tetrafluoride); Poly(tetrafluoroethylene); Polyfene; Polyflon; Polyflon D1; Polyflon EK 1108GY-A; Polyflon EK 4108GY; Polyflon F 103; Polyflon M12; Polyflon M12A; Polyflon M21; Polytef; Polytetrafluoroethene; Polytetrafluoroethylene resin; Proplast; Soreflon 5A; Soreflon 604; T 5B; T 8A; TE 30; TL 102; TL-R; TL-V; Tarflen; Teflon; Teflon 110; Teflon 30; Teflon 5; Teflon 6; Teflon 6C; Teflon K; Teflon T 30; Teflon T 6; Teflon T5; Teflon TFE; Tetrafluoroethene homopolymer; Tetrafluoroethene polymer; Tetrafluoroethylene homopolymer; Tetrafluoroethylene polymer; Tetrafluoroethylene polymers; Tetran 30; Tetran PtFe; Unon P; Valflon; Velflon; Zitex H 662-124; Zitex K 223-122; [ChemIDplus]


Pyrolysis Products


Soft, waxy, milk-white or white to translucent, tough, rigid, odourless solid; [CHEMINFO]


PTFE is used to make gaskets, liners, seals, hoses, insulators, wire coatings, bearings, and anti-stick coatings for pots and pans; [Hawley]


Pyrolysis products of PTFE cause polymer fume fever or, at higher temperatures, toxic pneumonitis. [Rom, p. 412-3] See the disease, "Inhalation fever."

Adverse Effects
Toxic Pneumonitis


IARC Carcinogen

Not Classifiable

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