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Paraffin waxes (petroleum), clay-treated

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Clay treated paraffin wax; Clay-treated paraffin waxes (petroleum); Paraffin waxes, petroleum, clay-treated; Paraffin waxes, (petroleum), clay-treated; Paraffin waxes, clay treated; [ChemIDplus] China wax.; Hydrocarbons C20-C50; Paraffine, bleicherdebehandelt; PRH (Refinery paraffin wax from heavy vacuum distillate); PRL (Refinery paraffin wax from light vacuum distillate); PRM (Refinery paraffin wax from medium vacuum distillate); Technisches Paraffin; [IUCLID] VANWAX H SPECIAL; [R.T. Vanderbilt MSDS]


Petroleum Refining Residues


Solid or semi-solid; [Reference #1] White to pale yellow solid; [R.T. Vanderbilt MSDS]


Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used as an adhesive, binding agent, and sealant; [Reference #1] Used in the chemical, fuel, paper-pulp-board, automotive manufacturing, and candle making industries; Used as an adhesive and binding agent, construction materials additive, corrosion inhibitor, food additive, intermediate, pharmaceutical, insulating agent, impregnating agent, and in products such as crayons, ceramics coatings, and dental moulds; [IUCLID] Used as a processing aid; [R.T. Vanderbilt MSDS]


TSCA Definition 2008: Obtained by treatment of a petroleum wax fraction with natural or modified clay in either a contacting or percolation process to remove the trace amounts of polar compounds and impurities present; Consists mainly of straight chain saturated hydrocarbons with carbon numbers of C20 through C50; [ChemIDplus] Causes liver changes (weight and histopathology) in a 90-day oral study of rats at 160mg/kg/day; [IUCLID]

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EPA Hazard Characterization Document: Waxes and Related Materials - 2011

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Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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