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Biological Agents


AlphaRedisol; Axion; Axlon; Ciplamin H; Cobalamin, hydroxo-; Cobalex; Cobinamide dihydroxide dihydrogen phosphate (ester), mono(inner salt), 3'-ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole; Cobinamide hydroxide phosphate 3'-ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole inner salt; Cobinamide, dihydroxide, dihydrogen phosphate (ester), mono(inner salt), 3'-ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-1H-benzimidazole; Codroxomin; Cyanokit; Depogamma; Docclan; Docelan; Docelvita; Docevita; Ducobee-Hy; Duradoce; Duralta-12; Hidroxocobalamina [INN-Spanish]; Hydrobamine; Hydrocobalamin; Hydrogrisevit; Hydrovit; Hydroxocobalamine [INN-French]; Hydroxocobalaminum [INN-Latin]; Hydroxocobemine; Hydroxomin; Hydroxy vitamin B12; Hydroxycobalamin; Hydroxycobalamine; Hyxobamine; Idrogrisevit; Idrossocobalamina [DCIT]; Lyovit-H; Neo-Betalin 12; Neo-Cytamen; Neo-Macrabin; Neo-Rojamin; OH-Duphar; Ohb12; Oxobemin; Oxolamine (arcum); Primabalt RP; Redisol-H; Sytobex-H; Vibeden; Vitadurin; Vitamin B(sub 12a); Vitamin B12a; alpha Cobione; alpha-(5,6-Dimethylbenzimidazolyl)hydroxocobamide; Cobinamide, Co-hydroxy-, f-(dihydrogen phosphate), inner salt, 3'-ester with (5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-1H-benzimidazole-kappaN3); Cobinamide, dihydroxide, dihydrogen phosphate (ester), mono (inner salt), 3'- ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole; Cobinamide, hydroxide, dihydrogen phosphate (ester), inner salt, 3'-ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-1H-benzimidazole; [ChemIDplus]


Vitamins and Derivatives


Dark red solid; [Merck Index] Odorless or with a slight odor of acetone; [HSDB]


An analog of vitamin B12; Used as a vitamin (hematopoietic) and as antidote for cyanide poisoning; [Merck Index] The natural form of vitamin B12 produced by bacteria and converted in the body to the natural coenzyme forms of vitamin B12; [Wikipedia]


May cause irritation and skin sensitization; [Spectrum MSDS] See "Vitamin B12."

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

2.06E-11 mm Hg

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