Agent Name

Silicic acid

CAS Number

1343-98-2; 7699-41-4


H2-O3-Si (7699-41-4)

Major Category

Mineral Dusts


1343-98-2: Cubosic; G 952; H-Ilerit; Hydrosilisic acid; K 320DS; K 60; K 60 (silicate); Mikronisil; Neoxyl ET; Polyorthosilicic acid; Polysilicic acid; Silica acid; Silica gel; Silicic acid hydrate; Silicon hydroxide; Silton TF 06; Sipernat 17; Sipernat 50; Sipernat 50S; Sipernat D 10; Sipernat S; Sizol 030; Vulcasil S/GR; Zeosil 45; Silicic acid (polyortho); [ChemIDplus] Precipitated silica; [Merck Index] 7699-41-4: Acidum silicicum; Bio-Sil; Kieselsaure [German]; Metasilicic acid; Precipitated, and gel; Precipitated, and gel [Silica, amorphous]; [ChemIDplus]


Other Mineral Dusts


White solid; [Merck Index] Powder; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]


Opal is the natural form; Used as a sorbent for column chromatography; Approximate molecular formula of H2-Si-O3; [Merck Index] "A hydrated form of silicon dioxide. It is commonly used in the manufacture of TOOTHPASTES and as a stationary phase for CHROMATOGRAPHY." [ChemIDplus] Gel forms are used to absorb vapors and as insecticide carriers; [REPROTOX] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]


Causes lung changes including focal fibrosis in intermittent inhalation studies of rats; [RTECS] A skin and strong eye irritant; Targets the lungs; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]

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