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Mineral Dusts


AMS (mineral); Alabama Blue Clay; Albagen 4439; Arcillite; BPW 009; BPW 009-10; BPW 009-3; BPW 015-10; Bedelix; Ben-A-Gel; Ben-A-Gel EW; Benclay MK 101; Bentolite; Bentolite L 3; Brock; DH 1; DH 1 (catalyst); DH 2; Deriton; Dis-Thix Extra; Envirobent; Flygtol GA; Furonaito 101; Furonaito 113; Galleonite 136; Gelwhite GP; Gelwhite H; Gelwhite L; Hydrocol 2D1; Imvite E; Imvite K; K 10 (clay); KM 1 (mineral); Kunipia G; Kunipia G 4; Kunipia TO; Lavioplast C; Metaloid; Mineral Colloid BP; Montmorillonite K 10; Montmorillonite KSF; Neokunibond; Optigel CL; Osmos N; [ChemIDplus] K-10 Bentonite clay; [Acros Organics MSDS]


Other Mineral Dusts


Off-white powder; [Acros Organics MSDS]


Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Clay that is the main component of bentonite and Fuller's earth; Used in industrial chromatography, as an adsorbent, in the petroleum industry, and as a catalyst carrier; [Merck Index] A smectite phyllosilicate mineral with high cation exchange capacity and the ability to rapidly take up water; [INCHEM EHC]


Dust may cause respiratory tract irritation; [Merck Index] Dust may cause mechanical eye irritation and is irritating to the respiratory tract; [Acros Organics MSDS] See "Bentonite."

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