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Sodium o-phenylphenol

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Major Category

Other Classes


o-Phenyl phenol sodium salt; (1,1'-Biphenyl)-2-ol, sodium salt; 2-Biphenylol sodium salt; 2-Hydroxybiphenyl sodium salt; 2-Hydroxydiphenyl sodium; 2-Hydroxydiphenyl, sodium salt; 2-Phenylphenol sodium salt; Bactrol; D.C.S.; Dowicide; Dowicide A; Dowicide A & A flakes; Dowicide A Flakes; Dowizid A; Mil-Du-Rid; Mystox WFA; Natriphene; OPP-sodium; Orphenol; Phenol, o-phenyl-, sodium deriv.; Phenylphenol, sodium salt; Preventol ON & ON Extra; Preventol ON extra; Preventol-ON; Sodium (1,1'-biphenyl)-2-olate; Sodium 2-biphenylolate; Sodium 2-hydroxydiphenyl; Sodium 2-phenylphenate; Sodium 2-phenylphenoxide; Sodium o-phenylphenate; Sodium o-phenylphenolate; Sodium o-phenylphenoxide; Sodium o-phenylphenyolate; Sodium ortho-phenylphenate; Sodium orthophenylphenoxide; Sodium, (2-biphenylyloxy)-; Stopmold B; Topane; o-Phenylphenate sodium; o-Phenylphenol sodium; o-Phenylphenol, sodium salt; 2-Biphenylol, sodium salt; Sodium 2-biphenylate; Sodium-o-phenylphenate; Sodium-o-phenylphenol; o-Phenylphenate, sodium; [ChemIDplus] Na-OPP; Sodium orthophenylphenate; [Reference #1] ortho-Hydroxybiphenyl sodium salt; ortho-Phenylphenol sodium salt; Sodium ortho-phenylphenol; Sodium ortho-phenylphenolate; Sodium orthophenylphenoxide; SOPP; [IARC] OPP-NA; Dorvicide A; o-Phenylphenol, sodium deriv.; (2-Biphenylyloxy)sodium; [NTP]




White solid; [Merck Index] Beige flaky solid; [CAMEO]


Used as an antimicrobial agent in adhesives, leather, metalworking fluids, and textiles; Also used as a preservative in automotive polishes, ceramic glazes, laundry starch, inks, and floor wax emulsions; [Merck Index] Used as a microbiostat/nematicide/bactericide for hard surface applications, agricultural sites and equipment, and air deodorization; Also used as a preservative for stains, paints, metal working fluids, leather, polymers, textiles, paper slurries, cement mixtures, glues, adhesives, building materials, and cleaning products; Used as a fungicide (citrus fruits and pears) and wood preservative; Also registered as an inert ingredient in insecticides, herbicides, and pet insect repellents; [Reference #1]


Symptoms of toxicity similar to phenol; [Merck Index] A moderate to severe skin irritant in rabbits; Not a skin sensitizer in guinea pigs; [Reference #1] A skin and eye irritant; Chronic exposure may cause kidney and liver injury; [NTP] Absorbs carbon dioxide and releases free o-phenolphenol on air exposure; Acceptable daily intake (ADI) of 0-0.2 mg/kg; [JECFA] A skin and strong eye irritant (may cause serious eye injury); Harmful by ingestion; Targets the kidney; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS] See "o-Phenylphenol."

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Exposure Assessment

2 mg/m3, inhalable fraction

Vapor Pressure

1.91E-11 mm Hg

Adverse Effects

Hepatotoxin, Secondary

IARC Carcinogen

Possible Carcinogen

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