Agent Name

Aluminum hydroxide

CAS Number




Major Category



A 3011; AC 450; AC 714KC; AE 107; AF 260; AKP-DA; ALternaGEL; Alcoa 331; Alcoa 710; Alcoa A 325; Alcoa AS 301; Alcoa C 30BF; Alcoa C 31; Alcoa C 33; Alcoa C 330; Alcoa C 331; Alcoa C 333; Alcoa C 385; Alcoa H 65; Alhydrogel; Alolt 8; Alolt 80; Alolt 90; Alternagel; Alu-Cap; Alugel; Alugelibye; Alumigel; Alumina trihydrate; Aluminic acid (H3AlO3); Aluminium hydroxide; Aluminum hydroxide gel; Aluminum oxide trihydrate; Aluminum trihydroxide; Aluminum(III) hydroxide; Alusal; Amberol ST 140F; Amorphous alumina; Amphogel; Amphojel; Antipollon HT; Apyral; Apyral 120; Apyral 120VAW; Apyral 15; Apyral 2; Apyral 24; Apyral 25; Apyral 4; Apyral 40; Apyral 60; Apyral 8; Apyral 90; Apyral B; BACO AF 260; Boehmite; British aluminum AF 260; C 31; C 31C; C 31F; C 31F; C 33; C 4D; C-31-F; C-31-F; C.I. 77002; CI 77002; Calmogastrin; Dialume; GHA 331; GHA 332; GHA 431; H 46; Higilite; Higilite H 31S; Higilite H 32; Higilite H 42; Hychol 705; Hydrafil; Hydral 705; Hydral 710; Hydrated alumina; Hydrated aluminum oxide; Liquigel; Martinal; Martinal A; Martinal A/S; Martinal F-A; P 30BF; PGA; Reheis F 1000; Trihydrated alumina; Trihydroxyaluminum; [ChemIDplus]


Metals, Inorganic Compounds


White solid in various forms; [ICSC] White odorless granules; Slightly soluble in water; [MSDSonline]


Used as a desiccant powder, filler (paper, plastics, rubber and cosmetics), soft abrasive (brass and plastics), smoke suppressant (plastics and latex foams), flame retardant, dye mordant, and drug (antacid and antihyperphosphatemic); Also used in chromatography, to waterproof fabrics, and to make antiperspirants, dentifrices, glass, fire clay, paper, pottery, printing inks, lubricating compositions, detergents, iron-free aluminum, aluminum salts, and activated alumina; [HSDB]


No listed effects of short-term or long-term exposure; [ICSC] An irritant; [MSDSonline] See "Aluminum."

Exposure Assessment

1 mg/m3


15 mg/m3


4 mg/m3(inhalable fraction), 1.5 mg/m3 (respirable fraction)

Explanatory Notes

TLV, PEL, and MAK values for aluminum metal and insoluble compounds;

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