Agent Name

C.I. Vat Yellow 2

CAS Number




Major Category



Ahcovat Flavone GC; Ahcovat Flavone GCN; Ahcovat Printing Flavone GC; Algol Yellow 2BLT; Algol Yellow GC; Amanthrene Flavone GC; Amanthrene Supra Flavone GCN; Amanthrene Supra Flavone GCP; Anthra Yellow; Anthra Yellow GC; Anthra Yellow GCN; Anthra(2,1-D:6,5-d')bisthiazole-6,12-dione, 2,8-diphenyl-; Anthravat Flavone GC; C.I. 67300; CI 67300; CI Vat Yellow 2; Calcoloid Printing Yellow GC; Calcoloid Yellow GCD; Caledon Printing Yellow 5G; Caledon Yellow 5G; Carbanthrene Flavine GC; Carbanthrene Printing Flavine GC; Carbanthrene Printing Flavine GCL; Chemithrene Yellow GC; Cibanone Yellow GC; Fenanthren Yellow GC; Flavon GC; Flavone GC Base; Heliane Yellow J; Hostavat Yellow GC; Leucosol Yellow GC; Mikethrene Yellow GCN; Nihonthrene Yellow GCN; Nyanthrene Yellow GCA; Ostanthren Yellow GC; Palanthrene Yellow GC; Paradone Yellow GC; Paradone Yellow GCX; Pharmanthrene Yellow GC; Pharmanthrene Yellow GCD; Ponsol Flavone GC; Ponsol Flavone GCD; Ponsol Flavone GCN; Ponsol Flavone GCND; Romantrene Yellow GCN; Sandothrene Yellow NGC; Tinon Yellow GC; Tinon Yellow GCP; Tyrian Yellow A-GC; Vat Yellow 2; Zlut kypova 2 [Czech]; Zlut ostanthrenova GC [Czech]; [ChemIDplus]


Anthraquinone Dyes


Brown odorless grains; [MSDSonline]


Used as dye for viscose, wool, and paper; [HSDB]


An irritant; Anthraquinones are toxic by ingestion: vomiting, diarrhea, kidney and liver damage, and coma; Deaths have been reported after children ingested Rhamnus berries; [HSDB] A mild eye irritant, based on animal studies; [MSDSonline]

Adverse Effects

Hepatotoxin, Secondary

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